Hills and Valleys: Life is an Adventure

Life is full of Hills and Valleys, you never know where it is gonna take you or what adventure may be waiting at your doorstep. Whether you are 18 years old or 40 years old it is never too late to make life full of the hills. It is all about your attitude and your drive to just wanting a better life for yourself. Of course, everyone will still have those times in life that you are down or something doesn’t go your way, but it is all about minimizing those times and maximizing the hills.

A few years ago I met a man that has forever changed the way I live. I was just a sophomore in college when we met. I actually met him through a friend of mine that was dating his daughter at the time. He just landed a contract for some work in the mid-western part of the United States and I knew that meant opportunity. I told him about how I used to own a lawn care business, buy and sell cars, and flip merchandise online. I also told him about my many adventures that I had taken and planned to take throughout college. I knew that I wanted to be a businessman, but I also had this passion for traveling and this is where he came into play.

All during college I would schedule my classes so that I only had a maximum of 2 to 3 classes on Tuesday and Thursdays and the rest would be online. This flexibility allowed for me to have 4 day weekends every week so that I could travel and just enjoy what life has to offer. I still had work that needed to be done, but all that required was a laptop and a little time. Would you rather be doing school work in class or on a cruise, or sitting by the bay in San Francisco, or while you are eating Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza at Giordano’s on Michigan Ave?

After hearing my story, he was intrigued and told me about the opportunity that he had for a job that would allow me to travel in the next few months. We traded contact information and within a month I heard back from him. He asked me to come down to the office to meet with him the following week. When we met, he told me he was looking for someone who was interested in traveling for 10 weeks to Washington and Utah to get the operation off the ground. I had never spent an extended amount of time away from home, but a job like this is something I had always dreamed of. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to travel and have all of their expenses covered??? It sounds crazy, but companies have these type of positions open up all the time! So of course I didn’t even think about it and I told him I would take the job!

I ended up flying by myself for the first time to Washington in the middle of May and worked there until the middle of June. Then I drove down to Utah and worked there until the first week of August. I will not sit here and lie to you and tell you it was all fun an games. I worked some 12 hour days and some 70-80 hour weeks, but there were also times where I may not have worked 20 or 30 hours in a week. That was when the fun began. I got to visit Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Salt Lake City, Park City, Mt. Rainer, etc. all while being paid. I went sky diving in Washington overlooking Mt. Rainer, I went to a Seattle Mariners game, I went to the snow capped Mt. Rainer in the middle of summer, I found a natural hot springs in Spanish Fork, UT, I hiked the Y on the Utah mountainside overlooking the Utah Lake, and I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people that I still stay in contact with to this day.

This was the story that has forever changed the way I live. I have continued to work for this company seasonally and travel for 2-3 months a year on there dime, as well as for another company that I just started with this year that allows me to travel for another 2-3 months. Like I said, these type of jobs are out there, you just have to find them.

Traveling is my passion and has opened my eyes and allowed me to really find myself and find true happiness. The pleasure I get from experiencing new cultures, new sights, new food and just meeting new people from all over the world takes me to the hilltops. Ever since I have started to travel more I find myself a happier person, by putting my worries aside and just enjoying the time I have in this wonderful thing called life. I truly believe finding your Passion is Prosperity. Once you figure out what you want to get out of life and decide what you are truly passionate about you will prosper. Not necessarily in the sense that you will have more money, but prosperity is not all about having a lot of money and being super successful, but it is about personal growth, comfort, and living a life you enjoy.

You don’t need thousands of dollars to go on a trip across the country or even overseas. I created this blog to tell about my travels and the numerous ways that you can travel on a budget. Traveling on a budget is easier than ever and I want to show you how. I will do this by sharing my personal experiences and giving you all of the tips that I have acquired over the years of my traveling and the many years to come.

I have stayed in luxury hotels, camped, and even slept in my car. I have also flown first class, business class, and economy. I have been to over 25 states and 2 different countries thus far. I am in the process of planning a trip to Europe, where I will travel to at least 5 different countries. To keep up with me on my journey, get great travel tips, and learn to travel on a budget just follow my blog (SoulRover.com), Facebook, and Instagram.

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