San Francisco: The Golden Gate Bridge and a Nude Beach

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of San Francisco? Probably 90% of people would say the Golden Gate Bridge. I have been able to check it out several different times from various viewpoints. I have also been lucky enough to see it with clear skies, a sunset in the background, and halfway covered in fog. It is a view that you won’t forget, spanning 4,200ft in length, 220ft high off the water,  with the towering suspension cables, and the international orange color. It is something that everyone should see at least one time in his or her life. There are multiple viewpoints that will give you all different perspectives when looking at the Golden Gate Bridge.

First, there is Hawk Hill and Battery Spencer in Marin County, which are my personal favorites. This gives you a picturesque view of both the bridge and the city in the background. The city is positioned right in the middle of the two peaks of bridge, and if you hit it at the right time you might even catch a ferry or two going under the bridge that makes for an awesome picture at night.

Hawk Hill, Sausalito, CA

Second, I would recommend Baker Beach. I do not care for the beach itself, but the view is amazing! I wouldn’t recommend it for families, considering when we walked out onto the beach searching for the best viewpoint we saw two men… One laying out and one taking pictures, with absolutely no clothes on and the junk was out! Talk about something catching you off guard, this was definitely one of those moments. Besides this traumatizing moment, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge was great and we got some amazing photos.

Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA

Another good spot, which was the first spot I ever visited to view the Golden Gate Bridge, would be Vista Point. This was an awesome view for the first time, but I would say this view is more of a “warm-up view”. You don’t really get to see the bridge that great from the side, but you can still get an idea of just how big it really is. If this was the only viewpoint you had time for, it would still be worth checking out!

Vista Point, Sausalito, CA

Last but definitely not least, West Bluff Picnic Area, Crissy Fields, and the Presidio Visitor Center is a great place to view the bridge while enjoying food trucks, fire pits, cabanas, and live music at The Main Post, Main Parade Ground (I will talk more about this in a later post, where I discuss San Francisco food trucks). I had to grab a picture for this viewpoint from google because I wasn’t able to capture a great picture considering it was dark outside. Although I wasn’t able to capture a picture, if you want a view that you can enjoy while you are eating, sunbathing, or just thinking about life and the beautiful world that God has created for us, then this is the place to go.

Picture from / Crissy Fields, San Francisco, CA

The Golden Gate Bridge is a magnificent sight. If you think about the time that the bridge took to build (4 years), the resources required (894,500 tons of steel), and the craftsmanship and design that went into it when it was built in 1937, it is mind boggling. You should definitely check out at least 2 different viewpoints of the bridge if you have time while you are in San Francisco. Warning: Don’t get too caught up with taking pictures, make sure you really experience it through your own eyes and not just the lens of the camera. Pictures cannot always capture the true beauty.

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