Funds and Fun – Traveling on a Budget


People tell me all the time that it is a dream of theirs to be able to travel, but it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore… If you really want something in life then you will do what it takes to make it happen. I am a strong believer that if you want something, you will make time for it, and you will figure out a way to make things work out. If you truly want to travel, then I want to help you get there. A lot of people think that traveling is expensive, but they are wrong.

While traveling Europe I have found out how inexpensive it really is to get around and see anything and everything you have been dreaming of. I started off by flying from New York to London for ONLY $150. Then I took a bus from London to Paris, which included a 1+ hour ferry ride, for around $24. I have continued to take buses, ferries, and trains everywhere I have gone in Europe for no more than $45 (I went from London to Paris to Brussels to Stuttgart to Ulm to Vienna to Stuttgart to Athens to Santorini and the next stops will be Athens to Venice to Florence to Rome). If you do this it obviously takes more time than flying, but most of the time it is only a quarter of the price. It is also good to take buses, ferries, and trains from city to city so that you do not have to worry about the weight of your bag. If you ride the bus for long trips you can always book the bus for an overnight ride from 11pm to 7am, or however long it takes, so that you don’t waste a day just riding on a bus and you can save money by sleeping on the bus instead of paying for a hotel or hostel for the night. This is not always the most comfortable scenario, but it works. Yes, I’ve done it!

If you decide to fly with the budget airlines in Europe you cannot have a bag over 16lbs-22lbs depending on the airline or you will pay hefty baggage charges. All I carried was a backpack and a DJI Mavic drone. My backpack may have been a few pounds over, but you can either layer up clothes to get through check-in, stuff you pockets with clothes or anything that is small and has weight to it, or just take your laptop out of your bag and carry it until you get through security. All of these options can save you several pounds when trying to stay under weight! And yes, I have done all three of these things!

I also have been staying in hostels, budget shared room hotels, and hotels, but hostels are not as bad as you may think, and they give you the opportunity to meet new people and make new connections from around the world. Remember, you never know where your travels will take you next and who could help you out along the way. They start at around $20 per night and go up to about $50 per night. Most places average about $30-$35 per night and come with a simple, but free breakfast. Each of the hostels I stayed in were clean and had a secure place for your bags and some of them even had curtains on the bed for added privacy. Some of the hostels make you rent the towels for about $5-$7, or you can just save money by drying off with paper towels! Paper towels come free with your stay haha! Sounds stupid, but yes, I’ve done it!

Last but not least, I have used public transportation in every city except Santorini, Greece, where I rented an ATV for only $30 per day, which I would highly recommend! Public transportation is a breeze and just about every city in Europe has it. It is good, cheap, and efficient when trying to move around the city, instead of worrying about renting a car and having to pay for parking everywhere, or getting a taxi and paying a small fortune. Also, transportation in general is not always needed inside some of the cities because God gave us a wonderful part of our body called our legs. You would be surprised at what you can see by just walking instead of being on a subway, bus, or in a taxi. For example, I walked 10+ miles a day in paris and I would just stop in pastry shops, stop for pictures (everywhere), or even just stop and sit down and just take it all in. Late one night after I had already walked 9 miles I came up to a square where music was playing and people were dancing. Most of these people were well out of my league so I didn’t get out on the dance floor, but the amount of smiles they put on peoples faces just made me realize how beautiful this life is and how far something so simple can go.

I have learned that you can actually travel the world for close to the same amount of money it costs me to live each month in Alabama after rent, food, gas, bills, and entertainment. Traveling now a days is cheaper than ever and anyone that wants to travel needs to do it whenever they get the opportunity! I want to help people live out their dreams and go places they never thought they would be able to go. I have traveled in style while staying in very nice places, renting nice cars, and eating at high-end restaurants, but I have also traveled on a “budget” (I put it in quotes cause I’m not always best at staying on budget) where I was conscious of my spending so that my dollar would go further. I can help you either way you want to do it, all you have to do is ask.

Traveling has allowed me to experience new cultures, find out what I like and don’t like, and has truly opened my eyes to how beautiful this life and God’s creation really is. I have been traveling a few months a year for the past 4 or 5 years now and actually traveled 5 or 6 months this year alone. I have seen more this year than some people will see in a lifetime, but if you are ready to get started then you just have to take that first step. I would love to help you do that by just talking to you about what is holding you back, helping you book that trip you have dreamed of (I know how to get cheap everything), and just by guiding you in the right direction from my own experiences. Just know, if you say, “I will do it tomorrow,” then it turns into next week, then next month, then next year, and before you know it you will never do it. Life is worth living to the fullest and I would encourage everyone to just take a step out of his/her comfort zone and just do something that you have only dreamed of! It will be worth it! 



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